Northampton-based window, door and conservatory supplier Martindale Windows is the latest installer to enjoy the benefits of ARC Design, following a surge in interest in the visualisation and lead generation tool from Augmented Reality Creations (ARC).The Martindale Windows logo

Sitting within an installer’s website, ARC Design helps homeowners design and fully customise their own conservatory within minutes, before submitting the design to the installer to request a quote.

With the click of a button, the homeowner can then view their design in 3D augmented reality, allowing them to view the conservatory in situ on their house, helping them make their final decision.

Martindale Windows Director Russell Tarry comments: “Since having ARC Design installed on our website, the software has really helped us stand out from our competitors.

“The unique tool gives control to our customers, allowing them to design their own conservatory and view it using the unique augmented reality feature, all the while spending more time on our website and engaging with our products, making it less likely that they’ll choose one of our competitors.

“As a result, the software has seen us increase lead generation, while boosting our brand reputation and trust in our business.

“For 40 years, we’ve prided ourselves on providing a wide range of conservatory options, helping homeowners transform their properties. Now with the addition of ARC Design, we’re able to provide a much more unique service – through the software, our customers’ design preferences are automatically sent to us, meaning that when our sales reps do meet with them, they’re going in already knowing what the customer wants, thereby delivering a much better service.

“ARC design has definitely been a worthwhile investment, and getting it set up with the team was impressively quick and easy.

“We’ve already seen the benefits of this unique software, and I look forward to seeing how ARC Design will help transform Martindale Windows moving forward.”

It's Andy Clear the C.O.O and Co founder ARC.ARC COO and Co-founder Andy Clear comments: “It’s a privilege to be working with Russ and the team at Martindale Windows and to see how ARC Design has been helping the business get ahead of the competition.

“We’re incredibly proud of the software, and particularly look forward to seeing how it can increase the company’s lead generation.”

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