About ARC

ARC was born out of a united passion and drive to create and innovate using the latest Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Utilised for a variety of purposes around the globe, from medical training to business logistics, it was clear to us that the potential for user-friendly AR technology within the home improvement industry was decidedly lacking.

Over the course of the pandemic, many have found solace in improving their homes – for example, in Lockdown 1.0, the UK’s homeowners spent £55billion on renovations to create their perfect property. This works out as an average spend of £4,035.70 per household! So, being able to visualise home improvements safely at home has never been more essential. Coupled with misguided impressions of the glazing industry that still exist to this day, it was time to challenge and change these misconceptions and give this crucial part of the British economy a well-deserved boost.

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Meet the team

We founded Augmented Reality Creations Ltd. in June 2020. InPlace, our first product, brings simple, effective, and affordable Augmented Reality (AR) to double glazing installers and home improvement businesses around the world.

Zack Tuff

Zack Tuff

Founder & CTO

Andrew Clear

Andrew Clear

Founder & COO

Kristian Woolhouse

Kristian Woolhouse


Our Values

Honest, reliable, and perceptive, ARC’s foundation depends on 4 cultural cornerstones.

Cutting Edge Technology

Continually creating and improving streamlined visualisation tools especially for the home improvement industry, ARC strives to accommodate each customer’s needs with fast and flexible development.


Affordable Solutions

We understand you have overheads, which is why ARC strikes the perfect balance between real value and an unmatched competitive edge.



You can count on ARC for simple to use applications, delivering regular iOS and Android updates that support all the latest devices including tablets and smartphones.

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Simplicity is key

ARC AR software is designed to be simple and intuitive to minimise the need for training. Watch our demo video to see how easy it is to find your next sale.

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Let’s work together

If you like the sound of transforming the home improvement industry and the endless possibilities that AR brings, in union there is strength.

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