Getting work done on your home can feel like a risky business.

You risk negatively changing the look or feel of your property. You risk having a bad job done that might be costly to maintain in future. You risk not being able to spend money on something you need in the future. You risk overpaying for work or not paying enough and getting a shoddy job. You risk building the wrong thing that doesn’t suit your purposes.

These risks are constantly floating around a homeowner’s head.

Persuading a homeowner to pay for a home improvement, and specifically to pay you for it, is fundamentally done by reducing client risk.
If you can show them that the home improvement is a no brainer, they will buy. If you are the least risky option, they will buy from you. The better you are at reducing their perceived risk, the more likely they are to buy. The more likely they are to buy, the higher the price tag you can charge.

Sales rep reducing client risk

How do you reduce client risk?

If you run a successful home improvement company it is likely you are already hugely talented at putting customers at ease. One of the best ways to present yourself as the least risky option is to be recommended by a trusted friend of the client.
Some of the expert sales reps I have met use these techniques:

  • Form a strong, friendly, and educational relationship with a client
  • Bring up previous work local to the client in conversation
  • Show testimonials and photos from your best work
  • Answer all their questions and discuss price early on
  • Remind the client that you specialise in improving homes
  • Use showrooms to help with client understanding and inspire greater desire

Successfully doing all of the above takes time. If you are trying to run your company but loose a lot of time to this process, ARC Design is the tool for you.

What makes ARC Design so good at reducing client risk

When we founded our company, we had a mission to empower homeowners to truly understand their new build long before it was built or even sold to them. This principle has carried through into ARC Design as a foundation for the way we designed ARC Design to be used. Take a look.

ARC Design reducing client risk with high quality visualisation enabling learning

We let a homeowner educate themselves about their options at their leisure. This frees up the installer from time wasters, but importantly to the consumer they have an opportunity to play and learn without any sales pressure. By the time they are ready and request a quote for their design, they have a huge amount of knowledge and are much more invested in the project. Their knowledge de-risks the purchase for them.

Screenshot from ARC Design AR, demonstrating reducing client risk

The Augmented Reality we build into the designer is a game changer. There is no better way to understand the impact of a conservatory or extension short of building it. We let you walk inside the new space with a client, discussing the size and shape. Head to the edge of the garden and look back, seeing how the style and options chosen mesh with the home. This is a showroom in your pocket. Let ARC Design de-risk the aesthetics and ergonomics of the project.

ARC Design is an incredibly powerful complement to your sales skills. We help take the risk a client perceives out of the sale, ultimately increasing the chance of conversion and enabling you to grow your margins with a higher price.

To discuss how installers are best using ARC Design for lead generation and conversion get in touch.

With best wishes,

Andy, Zack and Kris